About us

We are the team behind the baadhaus:

Josef, the businessman, Lisi, the housewife and crack table tennis player, Kathi, the gymnast, table tennis player, and dancer, and Julian, the Kindergarten student, football player, and Ninjago and Spiderman fan.

We have been living by the lake for 20 years, enjoying working and recreating in an exceptionally beautiful environment.

We want the baadhaus to serve as the perfect base camp for our valued guests.

Stefan is our architect, and a young father

He created the “baadhaus” in 2022 from an old bank building constructed in 1965, as a place to stay and work, and for wellness and sports. His approach is smart, stylish, and sustainable. He used a building that is centrally located, directly by the lake, surrounded by first-class dining options and perfect transport links to create an aesthetic, open layout using high-quality materials.

Lisa is our qualified engineer

When she isn’t working for us, she is a yoga teacher and model.